Fuel Sampling Kits

As of 2015, the MSA states in its Blue Book (page 85 [D(34)]) that cars competing in British or MSA titled championships must have a system built in to enable taking a fuel sample. Furthermore, if a dry-break coupling is used, it msut be FIA approved. We have a number of kits available using the FIA approved Aeroquip FD90 coupling with various methods of interrupting the fuel flow. We recommend that you have both halves of the system so that you can maintain the integrity of your sample.

Kits are available with various methods of tapping into the fuel system. They consist of 3 parts: plug with protective cap, adapter and 0.5 metre hose. Most popular adapters are listed below.

FSK1PO -6JIC male/female, plug only FSK2PO -6JIC male/male, plug only FSK3PO 8mm push on, plug only
FSK1 -6JIC male/female FSK2 -6JIC male/male FSK3 8mm push on