Oil Pumps

Electric Oil Pumps

Mocal oil coolers are used for cooling gearboxes, crown wheel and pinion units, differentials and power steering pumps, here the primary problem is not so much concerned with avoiding bearing metal to metal contact, as in engine cooling, but in preventing loss of tolerances due to heat expansion of metals which in turn lead to greater friction resulting in a runaway spiral of heat build up.

Some gearboxes and all power steering pumps have an oil pressure system that can be tapped for oil flow otherwise a remote pump is required.When designing an installation these pumps require a switch, either heat actuated or manual, pumping cold oil is not recommended. Add extra oil to fill cooler, pump and pipes which must be at or below the normal oil level otherwise the oil level in the gear housing will be too high when the pump is switched off. When returning oil onto the gears do so after the point of contact to avoid pumping losses caused by cool oil. If difficulty is experienced in supplying ram air to an oil to air cooler we can supply a fan and housing. Use -6 (3/8" bore) hose.

MOCAL Oil Cooling Diaphragm Pump

Pump has integral cooling fan, 12 or 24volt motor. Ports are 3/8NPTF and may be rotated in 90° increments to simplify plumbing. The pump body is made of lightweight nylon, care must be taken when tightening tapered adapters not to over tighten and crack housing.

Perfomance: 2 UK gals/10 litres per minute with 7 amps current draw. Temperature constant use up to 130°C, intermittent up to 150°C.

Dimensions: Weight: 1.5kg/ 3.3lbs

Temperature Switches

Use to control oil pump action. EWS/1GA is a single pole switch and connects to earth on the rise and disconnects on the fall at 150°C. Remember, component into which it is inserted must be earthed. EWS/1G is a two pole surface mounted switch with two screw holes, connect into earth line, makes on the rise at 100°C and breaks on the fall at 82°C.