Tanks and Pots

Catch Tanks

The problem of engine crank case breathing must be considered when preparing a wet sump car for competition. To avoid oil being deposited on the track, the rules state that the oil bearing vapour must be either returned to the engine or to a suitable tank where the oil may be trapped. The normal system of sending the oil to the inlet manifold is undesirable in a high performance engine.

We offer a suitable tank in 1, 2 or 3 litre sizes. Made of aluminium, with a special cap incorporating a breather, there are two 1/4BSP female ports with adapters to 1/2" hose on one side and a sight tube on the other. These are interchangeable so can be handed. The tanks are polished and may be anodized red, blue, gold or clear, or black powder coated.

Part number Size A in mm B in mm C in mm
CT3 1 Litre 115 132 88
CT2 2 Litre 220 132 88
CT8 3 Litre 235 154 104

Dry Sump Tanks

A range of 3 piece easy clean tanks that can be disassembled for cleaning. They are designed to de-aerate the incoming oil and contain anti surge baffles. These are finished in natural aluminium as standard. Volumes shown below are full capacities, tanks are designed to work half full. Tank size is dictated by the amount of oil you are likely to use plus a third tank capacity. DST4 & DST8 Inlet and outlet ports are tapped M22x1.5, breathers are 1/2 BSP female with fittings to 1/2" push-on hose. DST5 & DST7 tanks Inlet and outlet ports are tapped -16JIC, breathers are 3/4 BSP female.

DST8 - 5in dia x 15in high, 4.8 litre total DST4 - 6.5in dia x 14in high, 7.6 litre total
DST4BLUE - Anodised Blue
DST4BLACK - Anodised Black
DST5 - 9.5in dia x 16in high, 18.6 litre total DST7 - 8.25in dia x 16.5in high, 14.4 litre total

Fuel Swirl Pots

Mainly used with fuel injected engines, these pots act as a surge free fuel reservoir, deaerator and if mounted in a suitable place, a cooler. Fuel from the tank is fed to the swirl pot by a low pressure pump then by high pressure pump from the pot to the injectors, unused fuel is re turned to the pot then to the tank. The three upper connections are -6JIC and the lower connection (to high pressure pump) is -10JIC. Height is 160mm, diameter is 102mm.
FSP1 - Fuel Swirl Pot with mounting base plate
FSP2 - Fuel Swirl Pot with body mounting brackets